Symptoms of Migraine

According to medical research, women suffer from migraine more often, experiencing an average of 7 attacks a month against 6 attacks in men, the duration of seizures is 7.5 hours for women, and for men it is 6.5 hours. The reasons for the attack in women are changes in atmospheric pressure, air temperature and other climate changes, and in men – intense physical activity. There are also symptoms accompanying migraines: women often experience nausea and impaired smell, while men have photophobia and depression.

  • The nature of pain with the migraine is different from other headaches.
  • One-sided pain can alternate from an attack to an attack, covering either the left or the right side of the head or the occipital region.
  • With migraine, there is always one or more accompanying symptoms; photophobia, nausea, vomiting, impaired sense of smell, sight or attention.
  • In 10% of cases of migraine in women, it occurs during menstruation and lasts a day or two from the beginning. A third of all women who have this disease suffer from menstrual migraines.
  • Migraine in children usually as a concomitant symptom has drowsiness, attacks of pain pass after sleep. In men, migraine develops after heavy physical exertion, pain increases when climbing a ladder, during running or walking, when lifting weights.
  • Oral contraceptives and other drugs that affect the hormonal balance, including hormone replacement therapy, can significantly increase the risk of an attack, increasing its intensity in 80% of cases.
  • Irritability, anxiety, fatigue, drowsiness, pallor or redness of the skin, anxiety and depression are accompanying migraine symptoms that may manifest themselves in each individual case.
  • Arteries in the area of ​​the temple are strained and pulsating, pain and tension are amplified by movement, so patients need to rest in bed, in a quiet and dark room, in order to minimize the number of external stimuli.

A one-sided headache that occurs from time to time or is present permanently, not associated with migraine, requires immediate examination by a specialist. Such pains are characteristic for organic brain lesions, and early diagnosis will ensure the effectiveness of treatment.

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