Surgery to get rid of Migraine pain

Get rid of migraine attacks with surgery

There are times when migraine attacks cannot be controlled by any means. This is the time when you must consider for a surgery.

According to the studies, almost a quarter of the population, falling in the age range of 18 to 50, suffers from migraine. This is certainly a thing to worry as such a huge population has fallen prey to painful attacks. Migraine is a stubborn disease. Once it comes, it remains until every bit of your energy is soaked by it and you lie there in pain. As a matter of fact, sometimes medication also doesn’t help. You can try various remedies, which may work. If they don’t, you must consider about surgery, which can help in getting rid of migraine attacks.

How surgery helps?

The signals sent by the migraine attack to the brain activate the covering of your brain. This process keeps continuing in a loop, which causes a portion of your brain to swell up. This portion is known as Trigeminal Nucleus Caudal is. This in turn causes central sensitization. You can feel central sensitization when the things like brushing your hair give you severe pain. This activity is generally painless but due to sensitization it gives you pain. You can try medication to cure sensitization, but in most cases, it doesn’t prove to be successful. The idea is to eradicate migraine attacks by blocking the path of signals and chemical release. This is essential as it doesn’t allow the signal to reach the brain and activate its covering. This is one simple method of reducing migraine pain through surgery. It has proven to be successful in the past.

Details about the surgery

You should understand that the surgery would be fruitful only in certain cases. It depends on the trigger points of an individual. It is important to know that not every individual has the same trigger point. Thus this shows that only certain cases are acceptable in surgery. There are certain nerves, which act as a compression point. These points are responsible for the triggering of migraine attacks. If your expert suggests that your trigger point falls in the category, you can easily go for the surgery. Most of the surgeons would try to eliminate the cause of migraine pain before they opt for the surgery. This is because operating on your trigger point is a very sensitive task. The surgeon, therefore, finds it safe that the cause of triggering must be eliminated before the surgery begins. After the surgery, you would feel much better than before. This is because the trigger point has been operated on.


Following points can be concluded after going through above-mentioned information:

  • A significant number of people fall prey to migraine

  • Surgery can help in getting rid of the migraine attacks

  • Surgery is only viable option to those who have certain trigger points

  • Not all cases can be cured through surgery

  • Before surgery, the causes of triggering are cured.

For those who have those trigger points mentioned by your surgeon, it is advised that you must consider surgery. Migraine attacks can be intolerable. Make sure you get rid of them as soon as possible.

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