Non-Prescription Treatments for migraine

Natural treatments for Migraine

Not all of us prefer to go to a doctor for a migraine treatment. Some of us can opt for natural remedies that can be effective in tackling the pain.

Migraine is one of those diseases, which occur on a regular interval of time. The pain is intolerable and the attack is unexpected. You can visit a doctor if you want. But to tell you the truth, not everyone opts for the same choice. Migraine can be seen as a disease, which can be cured through natural techniques. Many people opt for natural remedies rather than going to a doctor. You can also try one of those remedies. Buying prescription drugs does not always help in eliminating the disease. Sometimes you have to be careful with the drugs as they can cause frequent attacks and various side effects.

Some nonprescription methods for migraine

You can have various nonprescription drugs available at the drug store. In this way you can avoid seeing a doctor. You can choose non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin, which can be given without any prescription. These medicines are available at every pharmacy and do not require a prescription from a doctor. But one thing that you must care before you opt for aspirin/ibuprofen is that they must be taken for a shorter period of time. They must not be taken for a longer cycle. Another important element, which can help in curing migraine, is B2. It can be found in daily items like eggs, yogurt, fish, cheese and green leafy vegetables. You have to take about 400 mg per day. You can include these items in your diet, which can help you in tackling migraine on a daily basis.

Techniques to tackle migraine

If you are not going to see a doctor, you can choose the following techniques, which can help in reducing migraine attacks. Initially, you can go into a dark and quiet room. This is one of the most effective techniques available to reduce the migraine pain. The reason is very simple. As most of the migraine attacks are triggered by noise and light, going into a peaceful and quiet room without any light certainly helps in the cause. Another method to tackle migraine pain is acupuncture. It is a Chinese technique in which small needles are used to put pressure on different points, which can help in reducing pain. This method has also proven its worth in many cases. Apart from these techniques, you can always count on meditation. Meditation helps you in getting control of your mind. Yoga is also an option you can consider.


Following points can be concluded after going through above-mentioned info:

  • Take some nonprescription drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen

  • Include eggs, fish, cheese, yogurt and green leafy vegetables in your diet

  • During attack, go to a dark and quiet room which can reduce the longevity of attack

  • You can also opt for acupuncture which reduces pain

  • Apart from these, yoga and meditation can be your choice

These points make it clear that you can tackle migraine pain without visiting a doctor. These techniques can be beneficial in reducing the intensity of pain and also the frequency of attack.

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