Mind and Body solution to Migraine Pain

Working with your mind to alleviate migraine pain

If you suffer from migraine, the pain you go through sometimes cannot be put in words. There is one method which can help in reducing migraine pain, i.e. working with your mind.

It is sometimes impossible to endure the pain which migraine attacks give you. It is also difficult to explain it to someone who has not suffered from this type of pain. While migraine attacks can be painful and frequent, there are some natural methods through which you can control the pain. These methods are responsible to find the best possible outcome, which reduces the intensity of migraine pain. To simplify, the method works with your mental as well as physical state, synchronizing them to give your body a better functionality. You can perform this method when you have known the technique yourself.

The Mind and Body method

It is not certain when migraine shows up. It can be anywhere. There are times that medications won’t work. You have to try and sleep until everything is over. There is nothing much you can do. To understand the whole theory of migraine, you must know how your brain can be responsible for the attacks. The pain of migraine is sent through a signal from your brain. The signal passes through a gateway, which allows it to go through spinal cord. If the gateway is closed, you might not be able to feel the pain. Studies have shown that the opening and closing of this gateway can be psychological. Your mind controls the signals of pain, which is transmitted through brain. So, if you can control your mind, you can also have control on the gateway, which is responsible for the pain. This is where the mind and body method asserts its significance.

Dealing with your mind and body

To deal with your mind, you must choose the method of hypnotherapy. This method has been proven successful for decades when it comes to migraine pain. It can be more effective than pharmacological techniques and help in tackling pain. The method of hypnosis can give you control over the subconscious responsible for the gateway. The more control you have over your brain, the lesser pain you feel. This is why hypnosis is considered effective in dealing with migraine. Apart from this, you can perform various body methods, which can help in reducing migraine attacks. For example, migraine causes your hand to drop temperature. Warming your hand can help in reducing migraine pain. You can ask someone to rub your hands so that it can reach the normal temperature, which in result reduces the intensity of migraine attack.


Following points can be concluded after going through aforementioned info:

  • Your mind is responsible for the gateway which allows pain signals

  • Controlling your mind can be helpful in reducing migraine attacks

  • Hypnosis can help in controlling the gateway responsible for pain

  • Your hand loses temperature during migraine attacks

  • Hand warming can help in reducing migraine pain to a certain level

As these points clear, the pain you feel is a result of your brain sending signals. If you have a psychological advantage, then you can manage the migraine pain you feel. These simple techniques help in reducing migraine pain.

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