Migraine is More than Just a Headache

Migraine is not just a headache. It is a bio-electrical disease caused by the autonomic nervous system. During the attack, the main functions of the autonomic nervous system effects the vessel-digestive-circulatory transient limb.

  • Simple migraine is the most common, the aura is the most different.
  • Headache, nausea, vomiting, light, sound, odor sensitivity are the most obvious complaints.
  • There may be neurological symptoms such as visual findings, numbness, paralysis in the migraine of the aura.
  • Psychological distress can also lead. In one study, 60% of the subjects complained of anxiety and depression.
  • During the attack, 90% of patients can not continue their work.

How Migraines Work?

Migraine is a bio-electrical disease. It occurs in the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is the network that manages all the vital activities of the body.

Disruptive areas: Infections (childhood throat, tonsil …), surgery (tonsil, cesarean, abortion …), teeth (caries, missing ducts, twenty teeth, incompatible prostheses), trauma (psychological or physical).

Trigger Factors: Hunger, insomnia, stress, some foods, lodos, hormonal changes, disturbances in the stress effect is difficult to control.

Hypersensitivity Structure: The hypersensitive nervous system (which manifests itself as a sensitivey), which is a structural feature, perceives the stimuli coming from the autonomic nervous system disturbing areas more.

Scientific research in Germany, the cause of migraine and other headaches; It is shown that disturbances in the neck spine may cause migraine.

In the case of disruptive areas and hypersensitive structures, the autonomic nervous system may occasionally be removed from control by the effect of triggering factors. Autonomic dysfunction occurs and migraine starts.

What happens in autonomic dysfunction: The basic functions of the autonomic nervous system are delayed. Enlargement, intestines, blood pressure, pulse and sweating functions can be affected.

Whole body system is affected, senses become sensitive, fatigue, weakness develops.

Migraine is a disorder diagnosed based on the patient’s trait. Physical examination, neurology examination and laboratory examination do not reveal abnormality. Since migraine is defined in the unknown disease category, physicians have tries to combat migraines by developing different theories.

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