How Yoga helps in Migraine

Yoga as a shield to Migraine attacks

Even though there are medications available for migraine attacks, yoga can also prove to be favorable. Practice yoga every day to witness results.

When someone advises physical activity to a person suffering from migraine, the answer is a straight No. The reason is very obvious. People suffering from migraine are known to have frequent attacks when they indulge themselves in a physical activity. Although studies have shown that it is not the physical activity that triggers migraine rather other aspects. The main things, which are responsible for causing migraine attacks, are dehydration and hunger. If these were taken care of, then no physical activity would trigger migraine. And then you can practice yoga. Yoga is a cure of many diseases. It is fruitful for your physical and mental health as well.

How does yoga work?

To understand how yoga is responsible for relieving migraine attacks, you should know about a common trigger, which is stress. Stress has been the number one cause of migraine attacks around the world. Apart from this, stress is also responsible for disrupting various physical functionalities in a human body. To target stress is to target migraine attacks. When you perform yoga, you relieve your body off stress. It relaxes you to the core and gives you more control over your mind. Yoga is less strenuous compared to other physical activity, which makes it perfect to target stress and relieve migraine pain. If you practice some kind of sports, it would require a huge effort from your body, which can result in triggering migraine attack. Yoga requires minimum effort but it gives out definite outcomes. This is what makes yoga a perfect option.

Details about practicing Yoga

Before you start practicing yoga, you must know about the details, which would prove to be vital. You should consult your doctor before you begin. This is because some of the cases of migraine are worse. These cases do not allow the patients to perform any sort of physical exercise. If your case is the same, it is advised that you should not practice yoga at any cost. If your doctor gives you the nod, then you can start practicing it. You can hire a personal instructor who is skilled and expert in handling with care. This can make your yoga practice easier. It would also enhance the impact it would have on your migraine pain. The intensity of migraine would reduce. You can feel relieved than before. Yoga also has other health benefits like lower blood pressure and improved functions of your body.


Following points can be considered after going through above-mentioned info:

  • Yoga can be beneficial to your health

  • Yoga is a low intensity exercise which does not invite migraine attacks

  • Yoga is responsible for relieving the body from stress

  • You must consult your doctor before you start practicing yoga

  • You should hire a trainer who is skilled for the cause

These points clear out the fact that Yoga can be beneficial in migraine and also to your health. Practicing yoga can give you a healthy lifestyle. You must think about including it in your routine as it offers numerous advantages.

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