How painkillers make migraine worse

The effects of Painkillers on Migraine

The pain one suffers in migraine can be agonizing. Painkillers can help for some time but they are not always the answer.

Migraine attacks can be worse than anyone can imagine. It almost cuts you from the normal life and puts you in the corner. You are tortured by it because of the attack remains for a while. The pain cannot be endured sometimes. People opt for painkillers as a shield to migraine. But is it the answer? The answer is No. You must not always rely on painkillers as they can just stop the pain for a certain period. Migraine attacks can be frequent and painkillers cannot always tackle it. Sometimes painkillers can make the matter even worse. You have to be careful while using it.

Why painkillers are not the answer

If you have headaches, which are rare, then taking a painkiller is not a big thing. But if you have headaches at a regular interval, accompanied by nausea, then taking painkiller might not be the viable option. The reason is simple. You are not trying to get rid of the disease, rather than you are just hiding it. Taking a painkiller can be easy but not effective in migraine. Choosing an easy way cannot help in the long run. You have to understand the causes of your migraine attacks. You must know what triggers the attack and what gets rid of it. Taking painkillers can save you for a moment, but not for long. The more painkillers you take, the more invitation you give to the migraine attack. The attack is likely to become more frequent if you keep insisting on hiding it, rather than fighting it.

The negative side of painkillers

Although they are effective for a certain period of time, painkillers have no guarantee of a longer success as mentioned. Sometimes, the painkillers won’t work. During those moments you do not have much option but to wait for the attack to be over. Moreover, many painkillers have side effects, which can be harmful for your health. You should make sure that the side effects must not cause you much harm. Painkillers do not give you many options. You rely on them, which is certainly not a good thing to do. You should rely on other options, which can help in tackling migraine to the full. You can go for acupressure or yoga, which is known to target stress ad, alleviate migraine pain. Painkillers make you overlook guaranteed options. You concentrate on them rather than looking for permanent cure.


Following points can be concluded after going through above-mentioned information:

  • Painkillers are not always effective. Sometimes they don’t work.

  • Painkillers are just a mask to the problem rather than a cure

  • Painkillers can also increase the frequency of migraine attacks

  • Painkillers can also cause side-effects

  • Painkillers do not allow you to look for a permanent cure

These points give us an overview about how painkillers make things worse rather than bringing it all to one place. The point is that you must look for other treatments, which are more natural rather than a pill, which has no guaranteed treatment and side effects as well.

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