Exercises to alleviate Migraine Pain

Know about exercises, which can help reducing Migraine pain

Migraine can create a ruckus in your normal life. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. Know about few exercises, which can help you in coping up with the pain.

Exercises are known to benefit human health. Even in the case of migraine. There are few exercises that can be fruitful. We all are aware of the fact that migraine pain can disrupt our daily life. To eliminate this aspect there are certain things you can do. One of the most natural remedies to reduce migraine pain is exercise. If you make exercise a part of your daily routine, it is guaranteed that you would feel better in your day-to-day life. Many experts have recommended exercise to migraine patients as it has shown better results in many cases.

Does exercise cause migraine?

There are certain perceptions made about migraine. Many people have noted that exercises can trigger migraine. To a level, it can be reported as true. But the whole truth is somewhat different from what has been reported. Actually, it is not the exercise that causes migraine but dehydration, lack of warm up and hunger. You must make sure that these points are covered up before you start your exercise. To clarify, you must be hydrated enough before you begin with your daily routine. Also, you must eat something and warm up when you are ready to initiate. These factors are of high priority and must be taken with the same level. You should follow a timetable of your eating habit, which would guarantee that you have a full stomach before you hit the floor. Avoid eating before the gym, as it is not advised. You can eat after you are done with your exercise.

How exercise helps in reducing migraine pain?

It is quite obvious that exercises have proven benefits. In many cases, experts have advised exercise as it has the capability to counter many illnesses. In the case of migraine as well, exercises have shown promising results. The main objective of exercise is releasing of endorphins. Endorphins are the natural chemicals released by your brain. This act as painkillers, reducing pain in your body. This is the same reason why 30 minutes of exercise is advised to a person suffering from migraine. You can do it three times a week to witness a huge relief in pain. You can also include cycling; swimming or running in your routine, as these activities have been known to release endorphins at a significant level. If you regularly follow this routine, you would witness a huge slowdown in your migraine pain.


  • Following points can be concluded from above mentioned information:
  • Exercises have been known for health benefits
  • Hunger, dehydration and lack of warm up can cause migraine attacks
  • Endorphins are responsible for reduction of pain
  • Exercise can help release endorphins at a constant rate
  • 30 minutes of exercise can help in reducing migraine pain
  • Cycling, running and swimming can also be included in your daily routine

From the above-mentioned information, it is evident that exercise can help during migraine. It is known to control migraine pain. Many patients have found it fruitful for the cause. You can include it in your daily life as well.

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