Effective Remedy for Migraine

Migraine is a hereditary disease characterized by a strong throbbing headache and nausea, and also by increased sensitivity to bright light and sounds. Migraine is more likely to affect women (18% of the total population vs. 6% of men), frequent seizures reduce performance and impair quality of life.

Patients with regular migraine attacks rarely go to the doctor, trying to calm the pain themselves. Not knowing the correct treatment regimen, they take analgesics too late, because of what it is necessary to increase the number of tablets. Excess dosage of analgesics creates an excessive load on the liver and kidneys, which can provoke a so-called drug-induced migraine. In this case, the use of pain medication loses all meaning.

The ability to determine the approach of seizures by first signs is necessary for the correct relief of pain.

Migraine has four phases:

  1. The phase of the harbinger can be fixed due to a sense of brokenness and fatigue in the absence of real reasons. Chronic fatigue can signal many ailments, but most often it occurs due to CNS pathologies. Do not be lazy to visit the hospital for a full survey, no matter how confident you are;
  2. The second phase is called the phase of the aura, at this stage the patient develops vegetative disturbances, distortions of vision, smell, tactile and taste sensations. The patient usually has no pain, but it is difficult for him to concentrate and speak, the outlines of objects may blur, dizziness and dark spots appear before the eyes;
  3. Pain phase pulsating pain usually begins from the temple and gradually covers the entire forehead area, increasing with every minute;
  4. The period after the attack is a feeling of fatigue and weakness, as in the beginning of an attack that passes after sleep.

Sometimes the aura phase may be absent, then the attack immediately begins with a headache, the build-up of which takes 10 minutes to several hours.

Now as a therapy for migraine attacks, new generation drugs are used like triptans. These are specific analgesics that affect the neurotransmitters of serotonin, the derivatives of 5-hydroxytryptamine.

Triptans show real effectiveness in the fight against migraine headaches and are available to patients of various categories. Another advantage of this group of drugs is that they can be taken for prophylactic purposes during the period between seizures.

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