Migraine Symptoms include a severe headache that occurs usually on one side of the head but sometimes can be on both sides of the head but it is very rare. There is a vast difference between the ordinary headache and migraine. Other migraine symptoms include a sensitivity to light, vomiting, nausea and sensitivity towards any kind of sound.

A person suffering from migraines will always like to relax in the dark and quiet place and most of the times relief can be obtained only when vomiting takes place. It is a recurring condition which has no fixed timings or periods but can occur even in sleep.

Migraine Treatment

There is no permanent cure for migraine symptoms as until now the actual cause of a migraine has not been established. In the past it was believed that migraines was caused due to some chemical changes in the blood vessels present in the brain. Recent research has propagated the theory that the chemical changes do not occur in the blood vessels present in the brain but it is the brain which is affected by the chemical changes. The chemical changes mostly occur through the nerve pathways which function within the brain.

Types of Migraines

It is estimated that nearly one out of hundred people suffer from migraine which is of two types. The first type is the common migraine where the person suffering from migraine will not encounter any auras which mean that there will be no flashes of light when they develop the pain of migraine. The other type is the migraine which is combined with auras that is the person has visions about flashes of light and may also see zigzag lines or blind spots in their visions. The person may also feel some tingling sensation in the legs or the arms.

These are the pre-indications of the approaching headache and may vanish as soon as the headache starts or may continue until total relief is obtained from the severe headache. People who suffer from a migraine adopt different methods to get relief from it. Some of the people take the medications that are prescribed for migraine pains and others prefer to lie down in the dark and quiet room to relieve the pain. It is best to consult a doctor before taking any kind of medication as many new medications have come in the market after the recent researches.

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